Friday, February 29, 2008

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The crying baby gets its mother's milk. When the right breast is emptied, Mother Nature keeps the mother's left breast ready. A spiritually hungry person's prayer immediately gets registered in the Cosmic Mind. The burning aspiration invokes the divine response instantly. But it depends upon the intensity felt at the bottom of the heart.

At a deeper level of spiritual pursuit, seekers across the world have a common experience and that is a strong inner evidence of being taken care of. Nothing happens reduntantly. Faith is the higher instinct of the soul which is activated by and sustained through prayer. It provides the necessary tools to log into the Lord's Heart.

The songs of the birds, the whistling of the breeze, the mowing of the cows...all that is natural are recognized as the hymns of praise of the glories of the Lord by a devotee's heart into which the Lord has chosen to log in.

The Heart to heart dialogue at zero distance between the Lord and the devotee some times manifests as the words of adoration.

The Devotional Literature in the Indian Spiritual Tradition in all the Indian languages do have the common element of the dialogue mode explicitly or implicitly.

Oh! Mother,there can be a spoiled child. But, never a spoiled mother!

(- Sri Shankara, the Master of Advaita)

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