Wednesday, February 20, 2008

What is 'spiritual'?

Looking and seeing are not the same.Hearing and listening are not the same.Touching and feeling are not the same.Smelling and sensing are not the same.Eating and tasting are not the same.One is physical, the other is spiritual.The ability to comprehend the difference between the two is there in every human being.
What is intangible need not be mere mathematical abstraction.Take for example,LOVE.
What is it? Some say that love is blind.Then how come love at first sight?Some say 'fallen in love'!Is it not true that "the marriage of true minds" is made in Heaven?Is it not true that love is the rising ground of true man and true woman?
Grammatically speaking,love is a noun,a verb,an adjective,an adverb,and something more...

The above depiction reveals the direction of SRD and the process too.

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