Friday, March 21, 2008

The Eye of the Rshi.

Rshi, a Vedic term, means the seer.

A seer is a Sage. A Sage is a seer, a person of cosmic vision.

Vedic Astrology is called the Eye of the Vedas.

Each Vedic discipline, like Astrology, has a configuration of Cosmic Consciousness.

It is this configuration which is the eye-opener of the learner.

A Rishi is called Guru because the Eye of the Rishi opens the inner eye of the learner.

A Rishi is called an Acharya because of the conduct in keeping with the Vedic discipline.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Towards the Third Eye.

Eating for survival, Sleep, fear and act of propagation are common features of all living beings.

Viveka, the ability to distinguish right and wrong,good and bad,true and false,real and unreal,pairs of opposites,contrasts,the freedom and ability of choice, is exclusively the human characteristic which makes the difference between animal and human.

The Vedic System of Education gives prime importance to cultivation of Viveka through various programmes.

Living with the teacher is the first step after getting accepted as a disciple.

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Third Eye of 360degree.

Seeing the world the way the Lord sees is the way of Third Eye.

The Lord is all eyes. Our eyes are lit in the light of His eyes.

The Lord is all ears. Our ears are sounded in the silence of His ears.

His unseen Hands lead us from darkness to light.

Our hearts ever abide in His Heart.

Here the image mode of the active memory matters much to the Spirit.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Live amidst The Spiritually Resourceful.

It is a matter of Grace that one is able to get the company of those who have reached the centre of 360degree resourcefulness.

Like the spring season such Masters make their presence evident to the spiritually receptive aspirants through the inner harmony experienced while being with them.

Then the intellectual impediments are arrested and the soul experiences sweetness and light within.

Wherever they be, the Maters are at zero distance and ever available to the devoted seekers. Not even a click away.

As they know that God is a circle whose centre is everywhere and the circumference is nowhere, the Masters ever abide by that centre.

Register your soul at the nearest centre of SRD(your own heart),
and wait for the password. Pray.

Sign up. Hasten slowly.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Interconnectivity and Interdependence.

No Man is an Island.

Yes. It is an eternal and universal truth.

But it is necessary to choose enduring and sacred connections.

What is pleasant need not be always good. What is really good need not be popular.

It is the heart supported by enlightened conscience which identifies the good.

Seek company of the good. Pray for it. It will click.

Inter connectivity and interdependence are two sides of the same coin.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

The subtler, the more pervasive.

One inside the other is not the same as one interior to the other.

Water inside the bottle is not the same as ice cube inside water. The Vedic fivefold personality of the human being can be comprehended with the help of Vedic definition of subtlety and pervasiveness.

The subtler the principle the more pervasive it will be.

The spiritual interior of the gross physical body reveals, one after the other, the four levels with which the sense of I is identified. These levels are progressively subtle in nature and characteristics.

The human identity is the outer most and the spiritual IDENSITY is the inner most. It pervades all.

God alone can reveal God's idensity.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Vedic Pattern of Personality.

There are different versions of personality perspectives according to various traditions of Spiritual Science. The Vedic Vision reveals five progressively subtle domains of microcosmic existence. The fivefold domains are further classified into three bodies.

The Panchakosas, as they are named,have i)gross energy sheath ii)vital energy sheath iii)mind energy sheath iv)thought energy sheath v)bliss energy sheath.

The Sanskrit terms are translated here for the specific purpose of creating the context in which they are used here.

The three bodies are i) gross physical ii) subtle vital iii) casual bliss.

There are Vedic Chants which address these sheaths and click the ions to run the cleaners to refine them.

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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Dynamics of Cosmic Consolidation.

The DCC codes are concealed in the Vedas. The microcosm is an extension of the macrocosm. Hence the Vedic precept, what is here is that which is there.

This is neither easy nor difficult. It is simple. And yet it cannot be over simplified.

One has to live in harmony at all levels of existence and expression, which is called UPASANA, experiential learning.

It has to come from the parents and the teacher. At home and in the school there should not be any discord of any kind which disables the process of internalizing the values and meanings of culture.

The Vedic Pattern of Personality is called Panchakosha, the fivefold layers of energy resources.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Vertical Dimensions of Sanskrit Language.

The script of any language usually takes horizontal arrangement of its units. Sanskrit is an exception.

Before going to the details of Sanskrit, just take a close look at the page of any language script. Is it not true that though the lines are horizontally arranged, the movement of the reading takes top-to-bottom vertical direction! Any other movement would cause suffocation and immobility to the reader's mind.

The diagrammatic representation given on this page needs deeper meditative reading wherein the image mode of memory should be allowed to take over.

Then it is possible to comprehend the meaning of Deva Bhasha.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Iconography of Life Energy: Sanskrit.

A modern Sage (Late)Sri Rangamahaguru brought out for the first time, this drawing to depict the Nature Script of AUM/OM within the human womb.

This physical posture within the womb facilitates the baby to be in touch with Cosmic Consciousness. The moment it is pushed out of the womb it loses the contact due to the alterations in the configuration of posture and psychic gesture.

The Garbhopanishat, a Vedic text contains a few details about the pre-natal preoccupations of the soul within the womb.

The first post-natal sacrament to be carefully performed by the father of the child is to re-activate the AUM/OM in the earthly memory of the baby.

This can be successfully performed only by one who is aware of its configuration.

Hari Om.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Language : A Source of Life Energy.

Apart from being a social tool of communication language plays a vital role as the medium of culture transfer.

The strength of the culture depends upon the Universal Truths it contains.

The strength of Indian culture can be conveyed in three Sanskrit terms, viz., i) SAT which means that which remains changeless amidst changes, and from this the desire for living ever arises. ii) CHIT which means that which is capable of all knowledge, and from this the desire for knowledge arises. iii) ANANDA which means the fullness of essential, innate happiness, and from this the desire for happiness arises.

The Vedic Sage Patanjali is referred to in three contexts of learning Ayurveda, Yoga and Sanskrit Grammar.

All Vedic Disciplines of Learning yield the fruits only through the mode of direct experiential learning. Then alone they will link the learner to the cosmic sources of Life Energy. Sanskrit is such a medium.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Life Energy Resources.

There are two modes of memory, i) image mode,
and ii) language mode.

Devotional Literature in the Indian Spiritual Tradition facilitates activation of both modes in various combinations.

The category of MANASA PUJA, mental worship is full of image mode sequences interspersed with aesthetic appreciations, spirituo-erotic insights, philosophical flights and pure devotion which is refinement of all emotions.

Manasa Puja is an integral part of UPASANA, experiential learning.

There are isolated but bold attempts to rediscover the Life Energy Resources, among which the Herbs are very vital.

The Siddha Discipline deals with the system approach of the Siddhas, the accomplished ones.

A rare link who belongs to the trail of fourteen generations of experiential learning of this discipline is given here for the benefit of sincere seekers.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Universal Sources of Life Energy.

Mere scientific temperament is not enough in the research and applications of Spiritual Resources. Spiritual means pertaining to the SPIRIT and not the MATTER. Curiosity and enquiry in the realm of matter lead to the discovery of the Laws governing matter. But these cannot lead one to the Light of Spirit.

It takes devotion, faith and aspiration to gain proper direction and guidance towards the domain of Spirit.

Devotion, faith and aspiration towards the Higher Nature are culturally inherited spiritual values. The extrovert advancement of civilization usually tends to conceal these values or cast a veil upon the inner instrument. This prevents spiritual progress of the generation. But the evolved souls will find their way out and get recovered from the onslaughts of "modern civilization".

This does not mean that civilization is detrimental to spiritual progress. If civilization is properly oriented through cultural literacy, certainly it will subserve the spiritual goal.

The Sun and the Moon are, when spiritually perceived, universal sources of Life Energy.
The sister blog Research in Tantra Proper deals with the ways of contacting these sources.
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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Who protects whom?

Dear reader,
Tantra means expansion and protection. In the last post we saw that. Now the question is 'who protects whom?'
Whose responsibility is it?
Sri Shankara, the Master of Advaita touches the heart of Divine Mother by telling Her that he knows only one thing. And that is to obey Her which means alleviation of all troublesome burden.
It is the Acharya who wrote the great text on Tantra titled Prapanchasaram tells this. It is a text which prescribes various disciplines to pursue what he said, "follow Her".
Divine Mother is attracted only by true devotion. True devotion manifests only in the purified heart of the refined devotee. All genuine efforts of a seeker of divine grace are protected. It is karma raksha. The Lord is not only the protector of the devotee, but also the security guard of actions, the fruits there of and enjoyment of the fruit of action.
Is it required to put extra effort for self-protection? Should a devotee use Tantra for protection?
Only the degree of maturity of one's devotion should help find the answer.
Who protects whom?
For one whose thought is always logged in to the Heart of the Lord everything is taken care of. Right action at the right time is prompted by the Lord. The Tantra of Bhagavatam confirms this with living examples.
Why not make use of the ONE THOUSAND FREE PASSWORDS to log in to the HEART of the Lord?
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Monday, March 3, 2008

Awake, arise....

Arise, awake or Awake, arise...which is the proper sequence?

Experience is the best teacher. Do we get up and then wake up? Never. Getting up is a physical activity, whereas waking up is at a deeper level which is directly associated with the inner instruments of life which are variously called subtle body, astral body and the like.

To witness the sun rise the minimum requirement is being present and be wide awake where viewing of sun rise is possible. Similarly to observe the process of waking up of the mind and other faculties the minimum requirement is to be wide awake just before it happens. Vow! Boggling!!

Something more.

Any idea about how does sleep occur? Sleeping is not an action. It is a state of experience which is different from waking and dreaming. To become conscious of the process of waking there is a way, and that is to become conscious of the process of sleep. The lesser the gap between waking up and getting up the greater will be the mastery over the process.

Sign up another blog and join the group to interact, to wake up. It is tagged to this blog and is titled Research in Tantra Proper.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

How to act from our energy?

There are three types of acts, broadly speaking. They are impulsive acts, deliberate acts and spontaneous acts. How to recognize them? The dog barking is an example of impulsive act. That it does not deliberate upon barking is evident from its behaviour as a dog, always. It does not change the pattern deliberately. It does not have the fear of being immoral because it does not have acquired code of morality. It always acts from its animal energy with fight-flight responses. It cannot become human-like spontaneously.

At a lower level the animals display spontaneity in most of their acts which do not have human intervention or participation.

The plants, birds and animals except human wake up and get up almost simultaneously. What about us?

They have direct contact with sun, the source of energy throughout during the day. What about us?

Becoming deliberate about all acts is the beginning of being human. But this demands enlightened self-conscience. Animals cannot have it as they do not have this human competancy.' What next?' be the quest. Await the next blog-post.....

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Sign up... .Hasten slowly.

"Today we can live a week, a month, even a year without smelling a tree, seeing the passage of moon, or meeting an animal in the wild." How true it is!

And yet we do not feel that it is UN-natural life, because we have become UN-natural almost beyond recovery. Any attempt to go 'spiritual' would be futile and fruitless without conducting a properly guided self-audit of thoughts, words and deeds.

We have to unlearn a lot and DE-civilize ourselves before we can venture to sign up to enter the domain of spiritual resources to come in contact with our Higher Nature. There are modern wise men who have declared " I am in recovery from Modern Civilization ".

We have to look for Nature-based culture, daily practices which conduce higher knowledge which strengthen confidence and reinforce faith.

We have to reawaken our senses to perceive the Pra-pancha(the world of fivefold sense life)without the interference of our ideas which are programmed by our acquired likes and dislikes and innate animal instincts.

To act from our spiritual energy it is necessary to sign up the inner net of being, world and God.

Do what is necessary and then what is possible. The seemingly impossible will manifest at its Will on its own.

Sign up, hasten slowly.