Monday, March 10, 2008

Iconography of Life Energy: Sanskrit.

A modern Sage (Late)Sri Rangamahaguru brought out for the first time, this drawing to depict the Nature Script of AUM/OM within the human womb.

This physical posture within the womb facilitates the baby to be in touch with Cosmic Consciousness. The moment it is pushed out of the womb it loses the contact due to the alterations in the configuration of posture and psychic gesture.

The Garbhopanishat, a Vedic text contains a few details about the pre-natal preoccupations of the soul within the womb.

The first post-natal sacrament to be carefully performed by the father of the child is to re-activate the AUM/OM in the earthly memory of the baby.

This can be successfully performed only by one who is aware of its configuration.

Hari Om.

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