Friday, March 7, 2008

Universal Sources of Life Energy.

Mere scientific temperament is not enough in the research and applications of Spiritual Resources. Spiritual means pertaining to the SPIRIT and not the MATTER. Curiosity and enquiry in the realm of matter lead to the discovery of the Laws governing matter. But these cannot lead one to the Light of Spirit.

It takes devotion, faith and aspiration to gain proper direction and guidance towards the domain of Spirit.

Devotion, faith and aspiration towards the Higher Nature are culturally inherited spiritual values. The extrovert advancement of civilization usually tends to conceal these values or cast a veil upon the inner instrument. This prevents spiritual progress of the generation. But the evolved souls will find their way out and get recovered from the onslaughts of "modern civilization".

This does not mean that civilization is detrimental to spiritual progress. If civilization is properly oriented through cultural literacy, certainly it will subserve the spiritual goal.

The Sun and the Moon are, when spiritually perceived, universal sources of Life Energy.
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