Sunday, March 2, 2008

How to act from our energy?

There are three types of acts, broadly speaking. They are impulsive acts, deliberate acts and spontaneous acts. How to recognize them? The dog barking is an example of impulsive act. That it does not deliberate upon barking is evident from its behaviour as a dog, always. It does not change the pattern deliberately. It does not have the fear of being immoral because it does not have acquired code of morality. It always acts from its animal energy with fight-flight responses. It cannot become human-like spontaneously.

At a lower level the animals display spontaneity in most of their acts which do not have human intervention or participation.

The plants, birds and animals except human wake up and get up almost simultaneously. What about us?

They have direct contact with sun, the source of energy throughout during the day. What about us?

Becoming deliberate about all acts is the beginning of being human. But this demands enlightened self-conscience. Animals cannot have it as they do not have this human competancy.' What next?' be the quest. Await the next blog-post.....


Ms. YK , VCM said...

i've gone thru ur articles ..... very intrestin piece of work ..... tempted me to read all articles .... but time being a factor i cudn't .... i'll visit often & read

agasthya siddha india said...

a well researched resourse of knowledgs and an oustanding presentation of all kinds of human sphere and endevour.keep it up sir,