Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Who protects whom?

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Tantra means expansion and protection. In the last post we saw that. Now the question is 'who protects whom?'
Whose responsibility is it?
Sri Shankara, the Master of Advaita touches the heart of Divine Mother by telling Her that he knows only one thing. And that is to obey Her which means alleviation of all troublesome burden.
It is the Acharya who wrote the great text on Tantra titled Prapanchasaram tells this. It is a text which prescribes various disciplines to pursue what he said, "follow Her".
Divine Mother is attracted only by true devotion. True devotion manifests only in the purified heart of the refined devotee. All genuine efforts of a seeker of divine grace are protected. It is karma raksha. The Lord is not only the protector of the devotee, but also the security guard of actions, the fruits there of and enjoyment of the fruit of action.
Is it required to put extra effort for self-protection? Should a devotee use Tantra for protection?
Only the degree of maturity of one's devotion should help find the answer.
Who protects whom?
For one whose thought is always logged in to the Heart of the Lord everything is taken care of. Right action at the right time is prompted by the Lord. The Tantra of Bhagavatam confirms this with living examples.
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