Foundation for Indian Scientific Heritage(R),Suratkal.

Foundation for      

Indian Scientific Heritage(R)

This is an innovative research initiative dedicated to non-profit Projects Planning, Designing, Guiding Fund Raising and Operation for for creating heritage awareness and heritage content among the Youth and those who feel young of Bharatam(India). 

"Ptolemy created a universe that lasted a thousand years. Copernicus created a universe that lasted four hundred years. Einstein has created a universe, and I can't tell you how long it will last." -  George Bernard Shaw.
For thousands of years the Vedas have provided Indians not only inspiration but also insights to live always in perfect harmony with the Nature. Unfortunately the foreign invasions and the devastating colonial interventions and victimization caused the Vedic way of life to decline and get substituted by the waves of modern civilization at the cost of culture and peace.  

"It is very unfortunate that we Indians have failed to explore and investigate these sciences hidden in our ancient texts. The investigation is required, may be not for weaponization, but definitely for beneficial discoveries in various fields of science and technology. It is an annoying that Vaisheshika Text of Maharshi Kanada is taught as part of Sanskrit literature and philosophy, not in the departments of science !  It is like teaching Einstein’s theories in the class of English literature !" -

Such lamentations do not provide an opening for solutions. It is necessary to become proactive in the direction of rediscovering the seemingly lost scientific heritage. Decoding the Vedas is the need of the hour in order to bring the past glory of India to the present generation and through them onto the future.

The Government of India declared and notified that Samskrutam is the Cultural and Classical Language of India in the year 1969. In the same year, Shravana Pournamiwas dedicated asSanskrit Day”. The year 2000 was officially announced to be Sanskrit Year. From 2002 onwards Sanskrit Week is being nationally celebrated every year. The seven days are chosen to include Shravana Pournami Day in such a way that it would be the fourth day of Sanskrit Week..

One can learn Sanskrit purely for the sake of the great epics of India. The Ramayana has 24,000 verses fully in metre and the Mahabharata qualifies as the world's largest epic with 100,000 verses. The Mahabharata says, "what is here may be elsewhere, what is not here is nowhere." The precision with which the verses convey information on so many different aspects of life in a society, is a factor one must reckon as the ultimate in composition. INTERGENERATIONAL CULTURE TRANSFER IS ACCOMPLISHED ONLY THROUGH Samskrutam;so is decoding of the Vedas.