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Foundation for Indian Scientific Heritage(R), Suratkal.


Divine Response.

।। ॐ ।।
प्रणामपूर्वकन्चादौ भवते विदुषे मया । किञ्चिन्निरूप्यते चात्र मन्त्र-सूत्रविचारणे ।।
मन्त्रो नित्यो'पौरुषेयो'थवा परेशकल्पितः ।यो वै वेदेषु संख्यातो भारतात्मेव संस्थितः ।।
 सूत्राणि पुनरुक्तानि महर्षिमुनिकोविदैः । वेदानुसारि तत्सर्वं संप्रदायनिबन्धनं ।।
पातञ्जलेषु सूत्रेषु प्रोक्तेषु तन्महर्षिणा । वाचकः प्रणवस्तस्य चेति सूत्रम् इहोद्धृतं ।।
 पौरुषेयाणि सूत्राणि साद्यन्तानीति शास्त्रतः । वेदार्थवर्त्मगामित्वादनवद्यमिति स्फुटं ।।
मन्त्रेषु सूत्ररूपत्वम् क्वचिद्भवति वा न वा । प्रसिद्ध लक्षणान्मात्र- मनवद्यं हि शिष्यते ।।
परं शास्त्रं लोकहितं चिकित्सन्तो'मला बुधाः । वेदादिदोहनेनैव रचयन्ति विचक्षणम् ।।
मन्त्रे च सूत्रके  चैव मननं दिव्यमाहितम् । सूत्रवन्मन्त्र इति वा मन्त्रवत्सूत्रमित्युत ।।
माहेश्वराणि सूत्राणि दिव्यानीति न संशयः । स्थाणोः श्मशाननिलये डमरूत्थानि तानि वै ।। शब्दव्याकरणं तस्माज्जगद्व्याकरणं यतः । प्रपन्चोपशमः शब्दे प्रपञ्चो यदि लीयते ।।
वाग्योगो'सौ चागमिनां शैवशाक्तमते तथा । सूत्राणाम् तेन मन्त्रत्वं शब्दब्रह्मावगाहिनाम् ।।
सप्रश्रयबहुमानं भवदीय एव
सुरेन्द्रः ।

The inspiration was:
"यो वेदादौ स्वर: प्रोक्तो " इति यो मन्त्र: सैव पातञ्जले सूत्रे सुत्ररूपेण अवतारित: तस्य वाचक: प्रणवेति । एवं प्राप्तं सुत्रत्वं मन्त्रस्य। ये खलु सूत्रा  ते सर्वे मन्त्रा: इति "सूत्रवत् मन्त्र:। मन्त्रवत्सूत्रं" इति नूतनं सूत्रं समुद्घाटितं मन्ये।
यद्दृष्ट्या माहेश्वरसूत्रेषु न केवलं व्याकरणम् व्याकृतं अपि च प्रपञ्चस्य अव्याकरणम् अर्थात् प्रपञ्चलयविधानं मन्त्रशास्त्रप्रसिद्धं निगूढं निहितं इति ज्ञातुं शक्यं ।अत: माहेश्वरसूत्राणां न मन्त्रतुल्यत्वं  किन्तु मन्त्रत्वमेव सिद्धं इति शं।

Monday, June 28, 2010

Raaga - Sarpa Suktam - Veda Vahini Vol - 3. Download Sanskrit MP3 songs

Raaga - Sarpa Suktam - Veda Vahini Vol - 3. Download Sanskrit MP3 songs

Please refer to legal details concerning copyright and trademark protection.

Please refer to legal details concerning copyright and trademark protection.

This is one of the most important procedures of Vedic Organic Agriculture–to apply the total value of Natural Law and the necessary specific values of Natural Law to uphold each stage of transformation in the life of plants and animals. In this manner, we can be sure that that total nourishing value of Natural Law will be structured in everything the farmer grows.

This perfectly orderly, eternal structure of knowledge–Veda–has been preserved over thousands of years in the Vedic Tradition of India. The complete knowledge of Veda and its profound significance for life has been revived and understood in a scientific framework by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in his Vedic Science and Technology.

Modern science has thus identified one holistic, Unified Field at the basis of all the immense diversity of Natural Law expressed in creation, and Maharishi’s Vedic Science has emperically identified this same field as the field of consciousness. The entire animate and inanimate creation is based on these natural laws and their sequential unfoldment. This Unified Field is the total potential, the total intelligence of Natural Law.

Maharishi's Vedic Science is thus the perfect complement to, and fulfillment of, modern science because Maharishi’s Vedic Science makes the Unified Field a useful, living reality through Maharishi’s programs for the development of consciousness. (See Maharishi’s Technologies of Consciousness.) The Unified Field is the Unified Field of Natural Law–the unification of all the fundamental forces and particles of nature. By mastering this field, we can apply Natural Law in a most effective and holistic manner.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Dangerous Decisions.

Dear All,

"Our South Asian Islamists have publicly stated on more than one occasion that their objective is to turn India from being a land of happy heathens to one in which Islamism prevails."
That is an extreme stuff from one blog whereas:
Indian spirituality has become the absolute truth and facts for the western world which was wandering after the Semitic religious messages got evacuated from the western scientific mind.
Indian mantras, Upanishads, Vedas, spiritual darsanas, pranayama and customs and rituals are being accepted after systematic scientific analyses, by the developed world. The messages of Indian Rishies are also being accepted when they visit abroad for showering the messages of Lokaa: samasthaa: sukhino Bhavanthu and love and affection without religious convertion.
IISH workers are excited to see and know that world over particularly in the most developed countries like USA, Canada, European countries, Australia and so on the Indian mathematics, metallurgy, health science, ayurveda, yoga, mantras, music, vedic mathematics, New Age Therapies, vegetarian foods, family system, rituals and customs are being accepted with utmost sincerity and devotion."
This is from:

This can eliminate dangerous decisions in a positive way.

 LOVE Mother INDIA! 
Vande GO-Mataram!!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Grading and Degrading.

What if Students Graded Teachers?

The top 2 concerns most Principals and Superintendents share with me are: 1) how to motivate disinterested, disconnected, disruptive, angry students to want to learn and 2) how to deal with ineffective, reactionary, "difficult" teachers (and parents) without conflict, confrontation and intense, community-wide backlash?

I'm Just Asking: What if Students Graded Teachers on Quarterly Report Cards (anonymously for safety purposes) on the following:

1. Teacher delivery.
2. Teacher knowledge of subject.
3. Teacher attitude toward me as their student.
4. Teacher's attitude toward class as a whole.
5. Teacher's willingness to teach me until I understand.
6. Teacher's willingness to provide a safe social emotional classroom for me to learn in.
7. Teacher's willingness to play well and get along with others.

What if Teachers graded Principals, and Principals graded Superintendents - anonymously? What if Parents graded Teachers, Principals and Superintendents? Scary, eh? Well, we'd certainly know specifically what we needed to improve upon within the entire educational system. In reality, everybody is being graded anyway, and the results are showing up in the students grades and personal well-being - regardless of a formal community-wide grading system being put in place - because the students' grades directly reflect the answers to the questions above.

Monday, March 29, 2010


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Axioms of Transontlogy

The following axioms and their corollaries are derived from the Vedic Esoteric Teaching of Vedanta, as described above. For a formal mathematical presentation of these ontological axioms in the OWL notation, see our site

  • Axiom: All energies are emanated by the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who is the omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient spiritual source of everything.
    • Corollary: The qualities and quantities of the energies are a subset of the qualities and quantities of their source, the Supreme Personality of Godhead; He is infinite, but His energies are limited.
    • Corollary: The spiritual world is the internal energy of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the material world is His external energy, and the living entities are His marginal energy.
    • Corollary: Both the spiritual and material energies of the Supreme Personality of Godhead possess form and other qualities; however, the spiritual energy is eternal, living, conscious, individual and personal, whereas the material energy is temporary, impersonal and inert.
  • Axiom: The spiritual energy (consciousness) is fundamental to existence; in fact it is the root substance of all other manifestations (Brahman).
    • Corollary: All manifestations and phenomena are simply transformations of consciousness.
    • Corollary: Consciousness is transcendental to the limitations of Aristotelian logic, specifically the Law of the Excluded Middle, because it is simultaneously, inconceivably one with and different from everything else.
    • Corollary: Conscious entities cannot be described by the categories of conventional ontology nor their behavior predicted by Aristotelian logic; this requires the transcendental ontology and logic of the Esoteric Teaching.
  • Axiom: The living entity is a fundamental particle of spiritual energy.
    • Corollary: Consciousness is the primary symptom or quality of the living entity.
    • Corollary: Individuality, personality, intention, mind, memory, desire, initiative, emotion, creativity, living force (prana, ki) etc. are also qualities of the living entity and thus concomitant with, and inseparable from, consciousness.
    • Corollary: The living entity’s potency is infinitesimal because he is subatomic in size.
  • Axiom: The living entity has an eternal ecstatic loving spiritual relationship with the Supreme Personality of Godhead, which is his natural constitutional position of pure consciousness in the spiritual energy.
    • Corollary: The living entity is eternally related with the Supreme Personality of Godhead in one of five primary relationships: neutrality, servitude, friendship, parenthood or conjugal love.
    • Corollary: The living entity is temporarily related with the Supreme Personality of Godhead in one of seven secondary relationships: laughter, compassion, anger, chivalry, dread, astonishment and ghastliness.
    • Corollary: Whether in the spiritual or material energy, the consciousness and experience of the living entity are determined by the character and flavor of his relationship with the Supreme Personality of Godhead.
  • Axiom: The living entity has complete freedom, thus he may remain in his natural home, the internal spiritual energy, or may be covered by the external material energy.
    • Corollary: The living entity can be conscious of the spiritual energy at any time; he becomes conscious of the material energy by rebelling against the Supreme Personality of Godhead.
    • Corollary: When the living entity rebels against his natural constitutional relationship with the Supreme Personality of Godhead, this original relationship becomes pervertedly reflected in the material energy, causing the consciousness of the living entity to become conditioned by the qualities of material nature.
    • Corollary: When the relationship between the living entity and the Supreme Personality of Godhead is in a normal healthy condition, the living entity is happy; when the living entity rebels against this relationship, he becomes unhappy and suffers because he is in illusion and denial of his constitutional nature and real identity.
    • Corollary: When the living entity in conditioned consciousness realizes the cause of his suffering, and again accepts his constitutional relationship with the Supreme Personality of Godhead, he is reinstated in his original consciousness, ends his suffering and returns to the spiritual world.
  • Axiom: The living entity is always accompanied by the Supersoul (Paramatma), a plenary expansion of the Supreme Personality of Godhead.
    • Corollary: The Supersoul is the eternal friend of the living entity, and remains always faithful and affectionate toward him, constantly maintaining him in all conditions of existence.
    • Corollary: The Supersoul manifests and operates the material or spiritual body, senses and environment of the living entity, in cooperation with the living entity’s desires.
    • Corollary: The Supersoul desires the living entity to be happy, and thus when the living entity is in the material world, always tries to invite him back to his real home in the spiritual world.
  • Axiom: The living entity may indirectly cause various manifestations by petitioning the Supersoul, who according to His perfect judgment, may create the desired effects with His omnipotent will because of His eternal affection for the living entity.
    • Corollary: The apparent creative potency of the living entity is actually the power of the Supersoul responding to the petitions of the living entity.
    • Corollary: Prayer, meditation, energy work, creative visualization, worship, mantras, devotional service, yoga, exercise, mental training and various other material and spiritual disciplines are simply different direct and indirect methods of petitioning the Supersoul for the manifestation of the living entity’s desires.
    • Corollary: The living entity’s petition is more effective and easily granted when it is consonant with the purposes of the Supreme Personality of Godhead.
    • Corollary: When the living entity’s petition is against the purposes of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, he becomes responsible for the karma of the manifestation and has to accept an unintended but equal reaction in the same mode (ignorance, passion or goodness); this is the cause of all suffering.
    • Corollary: When the living entity’s petition is in harmony with the purposes of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, there is no karmic reaction.
    • Corollary: The living entity can literally create miracles by dovetailing his will with the purposes of the Supreme Personality of Godhead; this is the actual basis of creative visualization and so-called mystic powers.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Night has the right to be dark!

Earth prays:

Ye Humans, Night has the right to be dark!
And the flora and fauna on my bosom need darkness
to be and to grow drawing energy from my core.

Allow the stars to bless them; don't put a screen of your lights
Upon them for your enjoyment, madness.

As the Sun to you during the Day, is Darkness to them
in the Night.

Allow them to breathe their life for they breathe out
your life into you!

Pollution, you have brought with your dictionary and meaning
Whereas none of them know its meaning.

And to make your Dictionary meaningful,
You practice it meticulously.

Ye Humans, perfectly imperfect you want to be!
Let the Night follow the Day.

Let me have my Delight in Darkness
and you have your dalliance in my bosom.

Let me Be, let it be.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

When to celebrate New Year?


What do you want to be?

follower or a Leader?

Slaves of the west!

question yourself:

Indian lions!

spread this message:


How does the change of day occur at 12'o clock midnight, without any change in the external atmosphere?

Is there any significance?

Why do we still blindly follow the calendar of the Britishers?

Day-change occurs with sunrise, which is marked by a change from darkness to light, from night to dawn..

an ushering in of a new day.

(Quite evident to even a toddler)


There is no way to differentiate between Dec 31st and Jan 1st in terms of nature, atmosphere, the movement of the Earth, or the position of planets, but the blind and slavish followers of the west believe that year-change occurs at midnight of Dec 31st.

On Ugadi or Gudi Padva we observe a Natural Change in the atmosphere with the growth of new leaves on trees and a refreshing energy in the atmosphere, and also a change in planetary positions. Indians believe this as the New Year because of it's clear natural, atmospheric and planetary significance.


In a gregorian calendar we only see the month, the date and the day. There is no defined plan for each day with details of sunrise, sunset and moon position.

The gregorian calender is just a printed piece of paper on the wall.

The Indian calender popularly known as PANCHANGA tells the time of sunrise, sunset, the movement of the moon, and also recommends an indicative planning for each day according to variations in nature.

This is a time tested and established guidance sheet to lead a purposeful Life, not merely a list of numbers.

Why still foolishly recognize Jan 1st as the New Year?

Let us give a thought before celebrating the meaningless Jan 1st as the New Year :

Scientifically, naturally and from the perspective of Human development,
UGADI/GUDI PADVA is the best day to celebrate as New Year

Let us boycott Jan 1st Celebrations henceforth

“Let us rekindle our Raashtriya Swaabhimaan
and not be the blind followers of the west

Friday, February 12, 2010

From Fire to Consciousness.


"Agnim ElE Purohitam" is the opening Mantra of the Rg-Veda.

Its manifestation is the Universal Form, the Vishva Rupa.

From Fire to Consciousness, from without towards within one can move through the Fire Pit. The Agnihotra is the means there of.