Monday, June 28, 2010

Please refer to legal details concerning copyright and trademark protection.

Please refer to legal details concerning copyright and trademark protection.

This is one of the most important procedures of Vedic Organic Agriculture–to apply the total value of Natural Law and the necessary specific values of Natural Law to uphold each stage of transformation in the life of plants and animals. In this manner, we can be sure that that total nourishing value of Natural Law will be structured in everything the farmer grows.

This perfectly orderly, eternal structure of knowledge–Veda–has been preserved over thousands of years in the Vedic Tradition of India. The complete knowledge of Veda and its profound significance for life has been revived and understood in a scientific framework by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in his Vedic Science and Technology.

Modern science has thus identified one holistic, Unified Field at the basis of all the immense diversity of Natural Law expressed in creation, and Maharishi’s Vedic Science has emperically identified this same field as the field of consciousness. The entire animate and inanimate creation is based on these natural laws and their sequential unfoldment. This Unified Field is the total potential, the total intelligence of Natural Law.

Maharishi's Vedic Science is thus the perfect complement to, and fulfillment of, modern science because Maharishi’s Vedic Science makes the Unified Field a useful, living reality through Maharishi’s programs for the development of consciousness. (See Maharishi’s Technologies of Consciousness.) The Unified Field is the Unified Field of Natural Law–the unification of all the fundamental forces and particles of nature. By mastering this field, we can apply Natural Law in a most effective and holistic manner.

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