Vedic Research Methodology.

As the Vedas are in Samskrutam/Sanskrit, any research on its content, structure and meanings ought to be in and through its language.This

demands and necessitates a sincere researcher to go in search of a methodology which is relevant and competent to serve the purpose of decoding the Vedas. In other words, it requires utilization of "Sanskrit Technology", or better said would be, Sanskrit as research tool. 
The very  traditional learning process of Samskrutam prepares the mind and brain(heart included, stomach too!) to expand, open up and capture various levels of meanings of the contents in explorative and innovative ways.The learning of the Vedas at the latest should commence before the age of eight. And keeping this in view the child is initiated and  introduced to aksharabhyasa that is oral and scribing alphabet exercises at the age of three.The pronunciation is heard through the right ear while scribbling the script from both the parents, preferably father first and mother next according to the Vedic scheme.

But why? Possibly, to get the Vedic research methodology embedded in the brain and mind! 

Search for :Indian J Plast Surg July-December 2007 Vol 40 Issue 2
This Report is an eye-opener and throws light towards further direction for research.