Friday, March 26, 2010

Night has the right to be dark!

Earth prays:

Ye Humans, Night has the right to be dark!
And the flora and fauna on my bosom need darkness
to be and to grow drawing energy from my core.

Allow the stars to bless them; don't put a screen of your lights
Upon them for your enjoyment, madness.

As the Sun to you during the Day, is Darkness to them
in the Night.

Allow them to breathe their life for they breathe out
your life into you!

Pollution, you have brought with your dictionary and meaning
Whereas none of them know its meaning.

And to make your Dictionary meaningful,
You practice it meticulously.

Ye Humans, perfectly imperfect you want to be!
Let the Night follow the Day.

Let me have my Delight in Darkness
and you have your dalliance in my bosom.

Let me Be, let it be.

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