Saturday, March 8, 2008

Life Energy Resources.

There are two modes of memory, i) image mode,
and ii) language mode.

Devotional Literature in the Indian Spiritual Tradition facilitates activation of both modes in various combinations.

The category of MANASA PUJA, mental worship is full of image mode sequences interspersed with aesthetic appreciations, spirituo-erotic insights, philosophical flights and pure devotion which is refinement of all emotions.

Manasa Puja is an integral part of UPASANA, experiential learning.

There are isolated but bold attempts to rediscover the Life Energy Resources, among which the Herbs are very vital.

The Siddha Discipline deals with the system approach of the Siddhas, the accomplished ones.

A rare link who belongs to the trail of fourteen generations of experiential learning of this discipline is given here for the benefit of sincere seekers.

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