Sunday, March 9, 2008

Language : A Source of Life Energy.

Apart from being a social tool of communication language plays a vital role as the medium of culture transfer.

The strength of the culture depends upon the Universal Truths it contains.

The strength of Indian culture can be conveyed in three Sanskrit terms, viz., i) SAT which means that which remains changeless amidst changes, and from this the desire for living ever arises. ii) CHIT which means that which is capable of all knowledge, and from this the desire for knowledge arises. iii) ANANDA which means the fullness of essential, innate happiness, and from this the desire for happiness arises.

The Vedic Sage Patanjali is referred to in three contexts of learning Ayurveda, Yoga and Sanskrit Grammar.

All Vedic Disciplines of Learning yield the fruits only through the mode of direct experiential learning. Then alone they will link the learner to the cosmic sources of Life Energy. Sanskrit is such a medium.

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