Monday, March 3, 2008

Awake, arise....

Arise, awake or Awake, arise...which is the proper sequence?

Experience is the best teacher. Do we get up and then wake up? Never. Getting up is a physical activity, whereas waking up is at a deeper level which is directly associated with the inner instruments of life which are variously called subtle body, astral body and the like.

To witness the sun rise the minimum requirement is being present and be wide awake where viewing of sun rise is possible. Similarly to observe the process of waking up of the mind and other faculties the minimum requirement is to be wide awake just before it happens. Vow! Boggling!!

Something more.

Any idea about how does sleep occur? Sleeping is not an action. It is a state of experience which is different from waking and dreaming. To become conscious of the process of waking there is a way, and that is to become conscious of the process of sleep. The lesser the gap between waking up and getting up the greater will be the mastery over the process.

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