Saturday, March 1, 2008

Sign up... .Hasten slowly.

"Today we can live a week, a month, even a year without smelling a tree, seeing the passage of moon, or meeting an animal in the wild." How true it is!

And yet we do not feel that it is UN-natural life, because we have become UN-natural almost beyond recovery. Any attempt to go 'spiritual' would be futile and fruitless without conducting a properly guided self-audit of thoughts, words and deeds.

We have to unlearn a lot and DE-civilize ourselves before we can venture to sign up to enter the domain of spiritual resources to come in contact with our Higher Nature. There are modern wise men who have declared " I am in recovery from Modern Civilization ".

We have to look for Nature-based culture, daily practices which conduce higher knowledge which strengthen confidence and reinforce faith.

We have to reawaken our senses to perceive the Pra-pancha(the world of fivefold sense life)without the interference of our ideas which are programmed by our acquired likes and dislikes and innate animal instincts.

To act from our spiritual energy it is necessary to sign up the inner net of being, world and God.

Do what is necessary and then what is possible. The seemingly impossible will manifest at its Will on its own.

Sign up, hasten slowly.

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