Wednesday, February 13, 2008

SRD : A new priority area for national progress. Man-making and nation- building form two sides of the same coin, Abhyudaya-Nishreya and Yoga-kshema i.e., over all well being, welfare and progress. While HRD and TQM take care of nation- building, man- making ought to be given its due place. Resource enhancement for product and performance, no doubt, meets the demands of the corporate requirements. But what about making of man as a culturally refined being? What values and meanings constitute the being of man?
SRD – Spiritual Resources Development is an all inclusive concept hitherto not noticed or identified as the answer to the cultural crisis encountered by modern man. Without resolving the present cultural conflicts which are the consequences of globalization it is just impossible to achieve over all well being, welfare, and real progress. Being human is the global responsibility of every human being.
The values and meanings which constitute the being of man as unfolded in the perennial scriptural native wisdom of Bharat, India do provide the much needed material for research and development for man- making. The earliest Vedic lore contains in cryptic form highly technical practices called Vidyas meant for Upasana, experiential learning and Prayoga, performance research. Later these disciplines branched out as Tantra Shastra as available today in the mainstream of Sanatana Vaidika Dharma.
Tantra Vidya is the holistic and integrated discipline based on Tantra Shastra which facilitates expansion of consciousness and protection of the individual who pursues the discipline. It also provides the means to tap and harness the life energy resources to enhance personal effectiveness in all walks of life while pursuing the four Purusharthas, the culturally accepted goals in daily life. However it is a Herculean task to restructure and create a relevant and effective route map to meet the individual needs of modern man who has almost got de-linked from the spiritual resources within and without due to negligence and ignorance.
More than four decades of personal performance research has resulted in mapping out the route to reach the roots of spiritual resources of the inner being. Each individual has to register for performance research individually to get an entry into the cosmic reservoir of life energy resources by fulfilling the requirements of Upasana as laid down in the tradition one belongs to. To facilitate this process a detailed search sheet would be provided by our centre to those who seek guidance for SRD.
Dr. S. Ramakrishnan M.A., Ph.D. (Eng.), Ph.D.(Sans.)
Director, CSRD, Daya, 19-16/3 (Behind NITK P.G. Hostel)
Srinivasnagar P.O.
Mangalore. 575025. Mobile.9900100230

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