Saturday, February 23, 2008

Being more human

Towards the Higher Nature and Greater Truth

Living itself is a series of Sacraments. Life manifests through ceremonies like the ripping of a seed beneath the soil, cracking of the egg shell, the throbbing wings of the butterfly on the petals holding umbrella to pollination….the list endlessly goes on. Nothing takes place redundantly. But the civilized man has learnt to stand out and become an outsider to the sacraments of living initiated by Mother Nature. Centre for SRD (CSRD) initiates the unlearning so that it becomes possible to be an insider who participates in the sacramental ceremonies of living.

Man alone drinks even when not feeling thirsty, eat even when not feeling hungry. Man alone goes dating and mating for the sake of pleasure while denying the functions of cosmic laws which govern eating and mating. To eat is human, digesting is Divine. Release of forces and generation of energy follow these activities. If they are partially blocked or denied the inevitable consequences follow. One has to live in fear and exhaustion. Then how the forces are to be redirected for another purpose than for which the activities are meant? How the energy can be reinvested for achieving the goals of the Higher Nature?

The experiential learning programme of CSRD has gained a definite direction towards achieving those goals. But what are the goals?

A close observation of the behaviour of the animal kingdom would reveal the specific species behaviour pattern has inviolable certainty. What about human behaviour? Man alone is the most uncertain animal whose behaviour is not consistent. Hence, it is unpredictable. Perhaps, man alone has the freedom of choice to resist the primitive animal impulses and deliberately follow a refined pattern of behaviour dictated by the enlightened conscience. ‘I am a human being ‘ is not the complete truth. ‘ I am a human being and not merely an animal’ is the greater truth. Higher the aspirations, greater is the goal.

CSRD seeks the traditional approaches and disciplines which facilitate fulfillment of the goals of the Higher Nature in 360 degree.

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