Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Taste and Tongue

Slogan for the day on the classroom wall of an undergraduate college goes like this:"We want English,but not the English taste".

It is an instance of irrepressible native taste in an inevitable foreign tongue. The above demand and the denial by implication voice an identity which is at once accomodative and assertive . It is the vibrant voice of a culture which has the inner strength to sustain itself and maintain its gravity inspite of the impact of dark centuries of suffocation.

What is at the core of this identity? It has to have a different density. In the twenty first century, inspite of sweaping globalization there is a culture which has the innate streangth to throw up such a thought.

The intense feeling of immense profundity of "I" which arises in the realization of the spiritual density of cosmic existence is at the core of this culture. I would name it idensity. It is an identity with a different density.

The movement of "I" from identity to idensity is the process of expansion of consciousness. It encompasses 360 degree of resourcefulness, i.e., SRD.

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