Thursday, February 28, 2008

Equipped to disable or enable?

Peace alone leads to prosperity and progress. Material progress need not always lead to peace. A progress which loses sight of peace is mere advancement and it usually opens up negative directions to proceed towards damnation unwittingly.

It is high time for those who have concern about global peace to search for the hidden icons of peace at all levels of existence.

At the micro individual level these icons can be tickled to display themselves on the dashboard of consciousness through self-discipline. Without gaining mastery over the micro system it is just impossible to get access to the cosmic net work of corresponding icons which enable activation of cosmic forces.'For what?' is to be thought of later.

Interesting is it?

Peace is not built brick by brick. Peace is not something which we arrive at as an end product or a terminal. It is the eternal domain from where we get clicked out by our errors of taste and errors of judgement. When the condusive conditions prevail the domain presents itself. That is all.

Every moment of pleasure, when other pop ups are blocked, gives a gestalt of the peace domain and it does not last long. The pop ups take the mind for a long ride of waste and exhaustion. Rarely and far between we get clicked back to momentary repose in peace. Really we do not know, how?

Are we equipped to disable or enable?

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