Friday, February 22, 2008

Let us live a hundred years

"Let us live in joy a hundred years",the Vedic Sages re-affirm as they heard from their ancestors.A hundred years mean many things to them.To begin with, one year consists of 360 days of the Vedic Calendar.A hundred years, in other words,are 36000 days and nights.A healthy human body is designed by Mother Nature in such a way to witness and withstand as many as 1000 Full Moons and more!
The biorythemic cycles of the human body are set in harmony with the cosmic phenomina which include solar and lunar astro-episodes,movements and events besides the other planetary interactions with Mother Earth.The Energy Grids which feed and sustain a living being ,as revealed to the Sages,are encoded in the plants,creepers,trees and grains which are identified by the Centre for SRD(CSRD) as EG5,EG7,EG9 and so on.
Living means living interrelated to the the things and beings around in an unimaginably intricate manner.A human being is born with the complete programme of interconnectivity to everything on the Earth and above which makes existence and survival possible and pleasurable.The human bio-affinity towards herbs,animals,birds, and so on can be identified and activated through proper and adequate means which form one of the areas of SRD performance research.
Let us live a hundred years in "thousand bonds of delight".So be it.

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