Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The bell for the Cat.

The inherited culture of a people decides and determines what goes into the calendar and map. To clarify, the calendar ought to reveal what its younger generation should know and the elder generation should recall. The annual festivals, special days,and the like only cover the socio-political aspects of history and identity. What about the cultural elements which also include spiritually significant observations(ceremonies,sacraments and vows)?

An impartial survey of calendars in vogue would be really rewarding endeavour. The chanting of the daily calendar page as per the Vedic tradition is a spiritually healthy practice. It contains certain astronomical references and multidisciplinary information relevant to the individual's place and pursuits in daily life. This practice is called Panchanga Pathanam(chanting of five limbs).

Think globally. Act locally. This modern key to enlightened living is surpassed only by the Vedic Sage's precept, 'cosmocentric thought and geocentric action'. The no error zone of such thought and action is arrived at by the Sages through Upasana(experiential learning)and Prayoga(performance research).

Just as high technology is necessary to make tapping and refining the natural resources possible, a culture specific living methodology is required to comprehend the systems of values and meanings of a given living culture. The inner strength of a culture lies in its ability to empower the individual to resist indifference and to resolve conflicts in the wake of new challenges.

It is at this juncture SRD gathers immense value by initiating concept up gradation of HRD and TQM through proper and adequate Vidhanam(socio-friendly and system-effective practical manual). This is and ought to be the ongoing programme of inter generational culture transfer. Mend the cat to allow the bell!

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