Sunday, February 24, 2008

More about 360degree.

360 can be a page number referred to.It can be the number of an Article of the Constitution of a nation.It can be a technical code used in a given branch of study.In short,the context determines its value,meaning,place and content.
Has the number 360 any spiritual significance? Is number just a referential frame?
Let us begin with a circle.It has 360 degrees.Multiplied by 60 it contains 21600 units which is a very significant number in the classical texts of Yoga Discipline.
The Vedic time unit ghati equals 24 minutes.60 ghatis come to 24 hours.
1 ghati is further divided into 60 palas.
1pala contains 60 vipalas.
Hence,60X60X60=21600.A healthy human being breathes 21600 times a day.
Breath is Life.100 years of life span of a human being numerically expressed is 21600X360X100.So what?
36000 major psychic chanels conduct subtle energies to the left side of the body and 36000 major psychic chanels, to the right side.Thus 72000 chanels function day and night to keep life going.Now we come to comprehend the reason behind 72 major melodies in Indian classical music.The Vedic calculus is very intricate and sophesticated.By regular practice on can intuit the interplay of 360 and 108 in daily life at the individual micro level and at the cosmic macro level.
To coordinate the rhythm of time and space and to remain in harmony with the powers of the Higher Nature,the Vedic Sages pray as follows.
I prostrate Thee from above,from below, from the sides, from all angles, from within and from without,and yet,I cannot do all these simultaneously.I have my limitations,whereas You are limitless.My eyes follow directions,but You are all EYES everywhere!

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