Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Being good at finding ways and means to deal with difficult situations is taken to be resourcefulness.In two words,it is practical ability.In a word,cleverness.The fables and folk stories across the world communicate this meaning very effectively.
Without resources resourcefulness cannot be.What are resources? The context determines the content.There are natural resources and human resources.In what way these are different? Human stands out distinctly because it is the only self-conscious resource capable of intervening the processes of the Nature.Human responsibility of self-management is to be given top priority for obvious reasons.
Man can not only make or mar himself but also perpetuate the effects in the surroundings in both positive and negative ways.

You cannot pluck a flower without shaking a star(in the sky)! Everything is interconnected.Life is interconnectivity indeed.Man has gone a long way to 'WWW' the world without.But what about the world within? Let us find out the 'WWWW' possibilities. In other words,the inner connectivity of man,world and God.This brings another W and that is WISDOM.Spiritual Resources Devolopment is all about the applications of this 'WWWWW',world wide web wisdom within!This is not typing made easy manual.

The KEY to this web lies in a language which is embedded in the vertical structure of the subtle body of every human being.This language has four levels of manifestation as clearly hinted in the most refined cultural record of humanity, the VEDAS.
It takes reaching the centre of thought and touching the heart of this cultural record to gather invaluable know-how to tap the life energy resources which can assure a matching grant from the Higher Nature to make life on earth heavenly.

Let us add two more 'W's to the link, the will to work to find the way.Will you?

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