Saturday, June 25, 2011

Seeking from Within: (06.07) Guru's Grace - Varahi Virya Nandita

Seeking from Within: (06.07) Guru's Grace - Varahi Virya Nandita: "Amba Devi - Amaravati Amaravati: Full of Ambrosia : This is probably the 3rd time I am hearing this name from the depths of my conscien..."


Dr.S.Ramakrishna Sharma said...


AruL Perum Jyoti
Tani perum Karunai.

Hansavati said...

Dear Sir,

Nice to see u have embedded my blog entry in your blog! I hope you find something useful in my spiritual out-pours :).. Can u please share with me the meaning of the 2 lines you wrote ?
Arul Perum Jyoti
Tani Perum Karunai

Wishing you the best in your research and projects!

Dr.S.Ramakrishna Sharma said...

"AruL Perum Jyoti
Tani perum Karunai."
Instead of translating this Tamil spiritual slogan/affirmation let me take you to the One who gave it, here: